Thousand Fell

Thousand Fell

Durable and stylish recyclable men's and women's sneaker brand

Thousand Fell creates comfortable, breathable sneakers made from sustainably sourced materials. Its sneaker line is designed for everyday wear and built to last. Thousand Fell's sneakers are available in various colors in men's and women's styles, including lace-up, court, and slip-on. It operates a recycling program where customers can send in used Thousand Fell items for free, earning store credit while keeping textiles out of landfills. Its recycled materials are repurposed into new products, such as furniture batting and insulation. Crafted in a family-owned factory in Brazil, Thousand Fell's shoes ensure durability and recyclability.

How is Thousand Fell sustainable?

Based on our sustainability criteria, Commons rates Thousand Fell as a Better brand.

Thousand Fell is pursuing two of the most important steps for reducing the climate impacts of their shoes: (1) emphasizing circularity and designing for recyclability, and (2) selecting eco-friendly materials that are natural, biodegradable, and/or recyclable. They also avoid plastic packaging. Commons would like to see more information shared on their company’s carbon footprint, efforts to reduce waste and switch to renewable energy in their manufacturing, and their ethical labor practices.

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