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Nisolo is a leather footwear brand, featuring a diverse product range including boots, heels, sneakers, sandals, and oxfords for both men and women. As a certified B Corp, Nisolo goes the extra mile in sustainability with Climate Neutral Certification. Notably, they provide transparency through a Sustainability Facts Label on each product, detailing scores for carbon footprint, emissions offset, raw materials, processing, manufacturing, packaging, and post-use product lifecycle.

How is Nisolo sustainable?

Based on our sustainability criteria, Commons rates Nisolo as a Best brand.

Nisolo’s operations and supply chain is certified Climate Neutral. They also share the environmental impacts of each of their products with customers through an easy-to-understand Sustainability Facts Label. They are deeply committed to ethical labor practices, with a robust program that includes 100% living wages in their Tier 1 suppliers, established health and safety assurances, and ILO-aligned Supplier Code of Conduct, gender equality, provision of healthcare and other benefits, and a racial justice program. Despite earnest effort, Nisolo has yet to identify a suitable non-plastic-based alternative to leather across their product line. However, they only source leather that is a by-product of the food system from Leather Working Group Certified tanneries.

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