Organic hemp streetwear and trendy womenswear

Afends is an alternative Byron Bay fashion brand specializing in organic hemp fashion and streetwear for men and women. Afends features womenswear like dresses, jeans, jackets, skirts, caps, bucket hats, tops, and menswear, including graphic tees, long sleeves, bucket hats, and crewnecks made from recycled materials and organic hemp. It has teamed up with Retraced to provide complete transparency, allowing customers to track the journey of every denim garment from fiber to finished product. Hemp, a renewable resource that grows quickly, requires less water and replenishes soil fertility, is central to Afends' production.

How is Afends sustainable?

Based on our sustainability criteria, Commons rates Afends as a Better brand.

We love Afends focus on sustainable fabrics, suppliers, and manufacturing processes. We also love that it uses solar power in its manufacturing and HQ locations. The brand also offsets its emissions. We’d like to see more transparency around Afends’ emissions measurement, a greater focus on reducing waste (e.g., small batch production, recycling scraps), and ways for consumers to resell or give back jeans they’re no longer wearing.

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