QEJA Socks

QEJA Socks

Everyday, every-purpose socks crafted with eco-conscious materials


Climate Neutral

QEJA Socks is a brand committed to everyday sustainable comfort for your feet. Established in 2020, QEJA offers a versatile range, from ankle socks to ski and cycling socks. Their socks are predominantly crafted from ethically sourced organic cotton from Egypt. Upholding a responsible ethos, QEJA has achieved multiple sustainability milestones, including donating 10% of profits to social and environmental causes, partnering with 1% for the Planet, earning Climate Neutral certification, registering as a Utah Benefit Corporation, and utilizing 100% recycled paper and EcoEnclose envelopes for eco-friendly packaging.

How is QEJA Socks sustainable?

QEJA Socks is Climate Neutral Certified which means it measures, reduces, and compensates for all of its emissions.

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