Timeless apparel made with organic cotton and recycled materials

ARMEDANGELS offers timeless, innovative fashion for women and men, producing apparel and accessories like dresses, skirts, tops, t-shirts, pants, shorts, shirts, and caps. Its mission is to create products people love while minimizing environmental impact and promoting lifestyle changes to combat climate change. Founded in 2007, ARMEDANGELS has been a pioneer in sustainable fashion, using organic cotton, cellulose, organic wool, and recycled materials. Certified by GOTS and PETA Vegan approved, it partners with organizations like Just Stop Oil, Fashion Revolution, and UN Women Germany to drive cultural and environmental change.

How is Armedangels sustainable?

Based on our sustainability criteria, Commons rates ARMEDANGELS as a Best brand.

ARMEDANGELS shows support for building a “conscious wardrobe” by focusing on timeless, durable designs. We love that the brand explicitly encourages customers to limit their new garment purchases to no more than five items per year. The jeans are priced on par with other big denim brands like Madewell.

We like that ARMEDANGELS publicly reports its carbon emissions and is taking action to reduce the biggest carbon drivers. The brand’s material selection is primarily natural fibers, and ARMEDANGELS actively encourages circularity, both with its resale platform and within its own manufacturing.

ARMEDANGELS is transparent about its supply chain, is Fair Trade Certified and has a supplier code of conduct.

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