Wild Rye

Wild Rye

Women's active apparel and accessories, ethical supply chain


Climate Neutral

B Corp

Wild Rye is a brand committed to providing performance-focused biking clothing and presents a diverse range, including layers and lifestyle apparel. Tailored for everyday wear, their products, encompassing tops, bottoms, and beanies, are meticulously designed by women for women. Prioritizing sustainability, Wild Rye employs recycled materials and Bluesign certified fabrics, adhering to the highest industry standards. With 90% of their items packaged in recycled poly bags and all custom product packaging being recyclable, Wild Rye proudly holds a Certified B Corporation status, ensuring high social and environmental performance. Additionally, they are certified Climate Neutral and active members of 1% for the Planet.

How is Wild Rye sustainable?

Wild Rye is Climate Neutral Certified which means it measures, reduces, and compensates for all of its emissions.

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