Rizos Curls

Rizos Curls

Latinx-owned hair care product and accessory brand


Climate Neutral

Rizos Curls, founded by Latinx influencer Julissa Prado, is a hair care brand offering clean and sustainable products. Their range includes hair care essentials, styling tools, and scalp care items. With a commitment to high-quality, natural ingredients, they've eliminated silicone, toxic chemicals, parabens, and sulfates from their formulations. Rizos Curls actively reduces landfill waste by providing refillable bottles and reusable pumps. Achieving Climate Neutral Certification, GMP certification, and Cruelty-free Certification, they prioritize sustainability in every aspect.

How is Rizos Curls sustainable?

Rizos Curls is Climate Neutral Certified which means it measures, reduces, and compensates for all of its emissions.

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