Washable shoes and bags made with recycled materials

Rothy's sells washable shoes and bags made with recycled materials in classic styles that blend exceptional comfort and innovative design. Its products include men's and women's shoes such as flats, sandals, flip flops, loafers, drivers, and sneakers, as well as bags and accessories like totes, crossbody bags, belt bags, and wallets. Emphasizing circular fashion, Rothy's uses twice-recycled materials to close the loop. Owning its factory allows them to set high environmental and social standards, achieving LEED Gold and TRUE Zero Waste Platinum Certification. Impressively, over 179 million single-use plastic bottles have been repurposed into its signature thread.

How is Rothy's sustainable?

Based on our sustainability criteria, Commons rates Rothy’s as a Better brand.

Rothy’s has taken impressive strides to limit the climate impact of their company and their products. They use lower-impact materials, like upcycled water bottles, algae-based foam, bio-based materials, and natural rubber. Their factor is also LEED Gold and TRUE Zero Waste Platinum certified, and they use minimal, 100% recyclable packaging. They also have an in-store recycling program, which deconstructs shoes to give give the materials a new life. Commons would like to see Rothy’s report on their carbon emissions and share more details on their supply chain and how they ensure ethical labor practices.

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