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Allbirds provide men's and women's runners, slip-on shoes, and wool runners made from premium natural materials like Merino wool and eucalyptus trees. It is a certified B Corp that pioneers eco-friendly innovation by replacing petroleum-based synthetics with natural alternatives and inventing new materials like sweetfoam®, the world's first carbon-negative green EVA, and Plant Leather, 100% natural plant-based leather. Allbirds use recycled synthetics to enhance durability, minimize material use, and redesign packaging to eliminate waste. Committed to extending product life, it explores ways to repurpose shoes after use. Notably, Allbirds created the world's first net-zero carbon shoe.

How is Allbirds sustainable?

Based on our sustainability criteria, Commons rates Allbirds as a Best brand.

Allbirds debuted with its iconic wool sneakers in 2016. Since then, its sneakers offering has expanded across fabrics and materials, while keeping its rounded, signature silhouette and low-impact fabrics made from things like wool, sugarcane, and trees.

From material selection to energy procurement, Allbirds continues to be an industry leader in reducing the emissions of sneakers. As a Climate Neutral Certified brand, Allbirds measures, reports, and offsets the full emissions associated with its operations and supply chain. The brand also has an open-sourced a carbon footprinting tool to encourage other sneaker brands to measure the impact of their products.

To push the industry even further, Allbirds will be releasing their first net zero carbon shoe in 2024, using regenerative wool, bio-based midsole foam, innovative bioplastic, and sugarcane-based packaging.

While Allbirds' emission reporting is thorough, we’d like to see the brand share more information about its ethical labor practices, such as Fair Trade certification and evidence of a living wage. Of the sneaker brands we evaluated, the Commons community reviewed Allbirds’ products as the most comfortable, which was a chief complaint for other sneakers.

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